One Patient Record

Our approach to storing patients is different. All of our data is seamlessly stored and audited. Structured, restrictive schemas are a thing of the past. Retrieving a patient gets you the whole patient, not just the last record.

Timeline Views

Our cloud based "lifetime visit" approach to patients enables physicians to quickly view the entire history of a patient. Our retrieval APIs allow you to stream the entire patient record for improving care or running analytics.

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Built-In Auditing

Our unique pathway audit allows organizations to see who has viewed or modified any patient data. Paired with our timeline features, this allows your organization to roll a patient back to any point in time.


Cloud-based APIs

Our cloud-based APIs take the complexity out of managing a single patient across multiple systems.

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About Us

What are we working on at the Otter Lodge? We’re developing the next generation of patient records at scale. Simple but potent, clean and intuitive, we’re using bleeding edge technology to help medical professionals bring the human element back to their practice. We’re also breaking new ground with our data science.


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